Jim Jones Taps Conway & Marc Scibilia For “The People (Remix)”

In the wake of the death of George Floyd and the protests across the nation, Jim Jones paid homage to everyone on the frontlines of the marches and demonstration with his single, “The People.” Jim Jones lays it all down as he details the pain and suffering Black Americans have gone through over the centuries of being oppressed by the system while paying his respect to everyone who’s marching and protesting for a better tomorrow. 

Though we’ve witnessed the power of these protests, the fight is far from over. Nearly a month after releasing the track, Jones returned with a remix with Griselda’s Conway. With a quick 16, Conway uses his experiences to bring everything together. He kicks off detailing a traffic stop that leads to excessive force. “Young girl watchin’ it happen don’t know what she should do/ Besides record it on her phone, ain’t really much she can do,” he raps. The rapper parallels his own experience to his uncle’s who died in police custody in 1992 before explaining the necessity of protesting in these times.

Quotable Lyrics
Fuck the teargas and the rubber bullets you fire off
My Black people freedom to justice is worth dying for
All lives should be equal, we tried to be peaceful
On the frontlines, I’d die for my people 

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