It’s unbelievable that Jill Scott recently celebrated the 20-year anniversary of Who is Jill Scott? It feels like it was just yesterday when “A Long Walk” and “He Loves Me” dropped, confirming that Jill Scott has made an R&B classic that will be adored by generations to come. Jill took to Instagram to speak about her 2000 introductory effort and voiced some of the struggles that she endured at the rise of her career.

Jill Scott Debut, Weight
Emma McIntyre / Staff / Getty Images

Scott recalled, “I remember twenty years ago I’d go into a radio station in New York, and the radio host, he was cool with me.” However, she soon learned that it was all an act. “We had a good time. I left and heard through the grapevine that he had called me a ‘fat pork chop eating b*tch that would never sell another record.’ I was like damn son!”

However, she encouraged her fans to continue on with their goals and dreams regardless of who may not walk with them on their journey.“Baby, I have been lied on. I’ve been cheated. I’ve had someone hack into my phone. I’ve gone from ‘Queen’ to ‘thot’ in hours. I have been sued and I’m still here.” She then thanked her fans or standing by her for 20 years and hopes that they’ll continue to be there for 20 more. Check out her video below.