J Dilla’s “Welcome 2 Detroit” Hits Streaming Services For 20th Anniversary

J Dilla‘s influence on the world of hip-hop is immense and nearly 15 years after his death, fans continue to enjoy the tracks he produced. From posthumous albums to the output he gave us while he was on this planet, the Detroit producer never disappointed. Perhaps one of his greatest projects is 2001’s Welcome 2 Detroit which is celebrating its 20th anniversary. With Dilla’s birthday going down on Sunday, February 7th, BBE Music is now honoring Dilla by coming through with a special version of the album, which is now available for streaming.

If you’re someone who likes to collect physical music, Welcome 2 Detroit’s 20th anniversary special will actually come in a massive pack that features 12 vinyl records and plenty of unique packaging.

As for the extra content on the album, you will be able to find all of the original songs, as well as the isolated beats. From there, we have some special alternate versions of the tracks, and even some exclusive studio takes that give fans that much more content to sink their teeth into.

If you’re a J Dilla fan, this 20th anniversary edition of Welcome 2 Detroit is a must-listen, and you can stream it, below.

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