How to Make Hip Hop Beats With Perfection

Let’s go through ten steps that will transform you from a hip-hop fanatic to a recorded hip hop artist, a star in your own right. You have always wanted to know how to make hip hop beats, haven’t you? You deserve to be a hip-hop star and all you need to do is to prove to the rest of us. So let us do this.

The first step is to cleanse you mind and attain a relaxed meditative mood. This is fun and not arithmetic test, so relax. Think about the beats you want to make and what is inspiring them, have them in your mind clear and precise.

Secondly, get inspired. Listen to some classic hip hop beats. Listen to some Jazz, yes Jazz. You need to learn the time signatures used there too. It will help.

Thirdly, get to your software and pick a drum sound. The sound must fit with the percussion tracks, remember that you have to ensure the beat is just perfect for the rhythm. The drum kick is always the heartbeat of any hip hop track.

At least you have the groove. Get creative now. Choose the snare or pop sound. Experiment with as many snare sounds as possible, rhyming of course with the drum kick in terms of tonal range. It is time to start a basic loop. You are in the mood so drop the kicks when your head falls in step with the metronome. Start with a 4/4 time rap style, though you can even try a 3/4.

Add some shakers, hi hats, variant percussion sounds and beat box sounds. Remember to drop the bass line, atmosphere lines and synth. You are now on a serious groove, juicy as they come. It is time to drop the lyrics, nice and easy does it. Hype yourself with the skeleton beat until the lyrics flow like juice. It is time to record and be the star. You were asking how to make heap hip hop beats. That is how.

Source by Michael A Davis

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