Grubhub has released it’s second annual “State of the Plate” report, revealing the biggest food trends in 2020 and other interesting insights. The spicy chicken sandwich saw the biggest increase in popularity.

GrubhubCindy Ord / Getty Images

“In 2019 we were introduced to the chicken sandwich war, and in 2020 it raged on as chain and independent restaurants added the sandwich to their menus for diners to enjoy,” the release reads. “The spicy chicken sandwich saw a nearly 300% rise in popularity this year, with other top foods spanning a range of categories and plenty of newcomers.”

Check out the full list of most popular food changes below: 

1. spicy chicken sandwich: 299% more popular
2. plant-based burger: 291% more popular
3. vanilla shake: 273% more popular
4. iced latte: 261% more popular
5. chili: 228% more popular
6. cinnamon roll: 205% more popular
7. chimichanga: 195% more popular
8. beef burrito: 181% more popular
9. potato taco: 169% more popular
10. taro milk tea: 168% more popular

The company also sorted trends by city, season, diet, meal, and more.

Perhaps most interestingly, they revealed how quarantine has impacted eating habits: “Over the months, Grubhub has observed diners turn to comfort foods, order alcoholic beverages, and D.I.Y. orders. Under quarantine one thing was clear: morning coffee routines changed as orders of cold brew rose by 232%.”