George Floyd’s family demands that police who killed him be arrested

Handcuffed criminal lying face-down in car park

Source: Jub Rubjob / Getty

George Floyd‘s family is not only grieving the loss of their loved one but also outraged at the fact that the police officers who were fired haven’t been arrested or charged.

Philonise Floyd and Tera Brown, George’s brother and cousin respectively, both appeared on TMZ Live today to call for arrests and murder charges. Philonise also talks about how peaceful and beloved George was amongst his friends and family. The footage of George not resisting and complying with officers made them both visibly upset because the police tried to suggest that George was somehow resisting or becoming belligerent.

The family’s attorney, Ben Crump, also made the demand that executive order to be issued to announce a state of emergency for the protection of Black people.

He’s dead TF serious too. With all the tension surrounding the Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor murders, things are getting anxious, and more importantly, angry.

Peep the clip.

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