Fans Plead For More Kelli & Her Hilarious Shenanigans On “Insecure”

We stannnn Natasha Rothwell who plays the funny friend on “Insecure” where she pops up to crack jokes, care for BFF Tiffany’s newborn baby and bless everyone with her great friend energy on the increasingly Issa & Molly-focused series.

Whyyy there’s not a smidge more of her, we don’t know, but her scene-stealing shenanigans continue to fuel weekly post-episode pleas for more screen time from fans of the hit show that’s determined to make us HATE Molly instead of delving more into Kelli’s intriguing backstory/love life/character arc after 4 whole seasons.

Hit the flip for MORE hilarious tweets/memes that got us through the week.

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