Logic is officially set to return with his triumphant No Pressure album, produced in its entirety by the ever reliant No I.D. — you can check out the tracklist right here, should you be interested. And while many are excited to see what Bobby Tarantino has been working on, there are some who remain adamant in their disdain for hip-hop’s multitalented geek — said as a compliment, as which other emcee can boast a guest appearance in The Last Of Us Part 2? 


Scott Legato/Getty Images

Despite Logic being a relatively non-confrontational emcee, Joe Buddenhas continuously disgraced the man’s very existence, sounding off on poor Bob during his podcast. “You should’ve retired a long time ago, Logic,” said Joe, doubling down on a previously uttered stance. “We don’t have to listen to him.” Of course, Joe is hardly the spokesperson for Logic haters, but he may arguably stand as the most prominent. Perhaps that’s what spurred the equally opinionated Ebro Darden to weigh in with his own take, albeit one on the opposite side of the spectrum. 

“Coming for Logic is corny,” declared Ebro, via Twitter. “A nerdy dude who raps dope is who pisses ya’ll off? Ya’ll goofy.” Of course, he didn’t exactly name Joey, but the implication remains strong. In fairness, a man’s affable nature should not render him immune from artistic criticism, but it does feel like Logic grinds plenty of unwarranted gears — here’s hoping he can use No Pressure to end his musical career with a bang — that is, until he pulls the classic rapper pivot and returns with a comeback album in 2022.