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Dr. Keshia Gaines Rates Celebrity Jewelry Store 10 out of 10




Dr. Keshia Gaines Rates Celebrity Jewelry Store 10 out of 10

ATLANTA, July 15 – Celebrity jewelry is growing in popularity as entertainers, athletes, and tv stars indulge in binge diamond shopping. This week, we interview Internet star and magazine creator, Dr. Keshia Gaines about her recent visit to Icebox™ Diamonds & Watches in the Buckhead area of Atlanta. – Hello Dr. Gaines! We heard that you went shopping at Icebox™ last week. How did you find out about Icebox™ Diamonds & Watches?

Dr. Gaines – I was visiting Atlanta for a few days, so I decided to do some shopping while I was there. I heard that Icebox™ was the top jewelry store for celebrities in Atlanta, so I decided to go shopping there. I had an appointment booked with one of their sales professionals for a specific time and date. – So, you had to make an appointment to shop at Icebox™?

Dr. Gaines – Not really. It’s not required to make an appointment, but I wanted a salesperson available to show me around the store. – How long have you been into in flashy diamonds and over-the-top jewelry?

Dr. Gaines – To be honest, I’m not really into flashy jewelry too much. On a daily basis, I wear simple rings and earrings made of white gold and diamonds. The majority of my jewelry collection is gifts from family and friends. The only time I wear extremely flashy or unique jewelry is for photo shoots and special events. – We saw the photos of you shopping there. Can you tell us more about your outfit? What did you wear to Icebox™? Why did you choose this look?

Dr. Gaines – I wore a graffiti-themed black t-shirt, sunglasses, shorts, yellow flip-flops, and a pink teddy bear backpack. I just wanted to be casual and comfortable while I was shopping. – What did you enjoy about Icebox™ the most?

Dr. Gaines – First of all, I like that they had several armed security guards inside the store. Safety is very important to me, especially when visiting a high-profile store with millions of dollars’ worth of diamond jewelry and celebrity shoppers. Second, I think my salesperson was very kind, helpful, and patient with me. On top of that, I met Zahir Jooma and several other salespersons seen on their Youtube™ channel. It was really fun! – What were the most expensive pieces of jewelry you saw in the store?

Dr. Gaines – I saw a few bust-downs that were a little over $90,000, a bracelet that was $40,000, and a diamond necklace that was $140,000. I looked at a lot of jewelry in there, but I cannot remember all of the prices. – What did you buy at Icebox™?

Dr. Gaines – I bought a pair of diamond solitaire earrings. My Icebox™ earrings are gorgeous! – Would you recommend Icebox™ to other celebrities and A-listers?

Dr. Gaines – Yes, I would for sure! Icebox™ is really about the unique and wonderful experience. Every superstar should own at least one piece of Icebox™ jewelry. I could have went shopping at any jewelry store, but I chose Icebox™ because of the status symbol and the V.I.P. treatment by the sales professionals. I rated Icebox™ a 10 out of 10!

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