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Runaway XEINN

In this new entry in our ‘Diamonds In The Rough’ category, we want to introduce you to upcoming artist XEINN and his brand new single titled “Runaway”.

Madrid-based Alejandro Agudín Arribas, a.k.a. XEINN is a young, rising R&B/ trap/ hip hop influenced artist with real talent, ambition and a relentless energy to succeed. Ever prolific, he released his debut album Pride of the Weak on 25th June 2021 with the single “Runaway” as its focus track.

Also check out our Q&A with the artist:

Tell us about your musical inspiration growing up

I have always listened to English and American music since I was a child, as my father is a music fanatic and he played me music such as rock & roll, blues, hip-hop, electronic music, funk and soul, this music is what really influences me. As I grew up, I began to enjoy many musical genres, such as: R&B, Trap, Pop, House (Deep house, Future house), Electro, Dubstep and Synthwave (Synth pop too). All these sounds influence the music I make today, having as reference artists: The Weeknd, Bryson Tiller, Craig David, Post Malone, Daft Punk, Anders and NBDY.

What music are you listening to at the moment that you get a real vibe from?

I like to listen to a lot of music and artisst, however, in position one we have The Weeknd, I really like The Weeknd’s music, I am quite inspired not only by his music but also by him as an artist, he is really good and someone I always like to listen daily. I like artists like Bryson Tiller, Post Malone, Drake, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Travis Scott, Rihanna, Beyonce, Justin Bieber too, and artists like the Canadian Anders or the American NBDY, these last two really influence my music and I really like the music of both.

Who would you like to collaborate or jam with?

I would love to be able to collaborate with Bruno Mars. He is a musician with great talent and ability in any musical field and above all he has great musical knowledge with which he can make music of all kinds with high compositional and melodic quality, and also, with an incredible sound. I have been following him for many years and he is an artist who has always fascinated me, so it would be a great experience for me, but above all, it would be a great challenge since I would have to give my all to create something really good with him, and that´s something that I am really passionate about, having to push myself and keep improving.

Tell us about the inspiration for the new album “Pride of the Weak”

Well, the idea of “Pride of the Weak” came up two years ago, at first, we didn’t plan to create an album, but as we were composing songs during 2019, we decided to give it shape to everything we were creating to launch an album. Basically, the idea of “Pride of the Weak” is related to all the experiences, and experiences that I had, on a personal and emotional level. They are situations and emotions such as sadness, loneliness, a painful love break, enjoying meeting someone you love, I also talk about problematic experiences in the past and reflections on how my life is going.

What inspired the title?

The idea of the title has to be with the fact that people use to see all these feelings as something negative and as someone weak who shows his problems, deep thoughts and feelings, being exposed to society, however, I interpret this as a brave person, who knows who he is and where he is, that all these experiences make him stronger and I really feel proud of what I have lived and what I have been through because they make me the person I am today.

 What are your ambitions for the next 5 years?

I believe that in 5 years, my musical career will be at a very different point from today, I sincerely believe that my music will be heard in many parts of the world and with a large number of followers and fans behind me, it could be said that I will have succeeded in my music career, and it’s something that I really think about and it’s what I’m working hard and learning about right now. On a musical level, I will be doing a lot of projects with different, innovative sounds and rhythms that take me to another musical level, as well as I will carry out projects with many artists with whom I have always wanted to collaborate and work together. It’s something that I really believe in and like I’ve said before, it’s what I’m working for right now.

Who would play you in a film?!

Thinking hard about this question: I have not found any actor who could play me in a movie! I love the world of cinema, whenever I can, I watch movies . So for me it would be a great honor to be able to participate in a film and what better way , in a film that deals with me, I think the best way to represent yourself is doing it yourself. But it´s important to have respect for actors and actresses since they are really the professionals in this field, however, I think it would be a great challenge for me and I am passionate about challenges.

Listen to “Runaway” below:

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NEW VIDEO: Lil Yachty – “Love Music”



Lil Yachty Love Music videoLil Yachty has dropped off the official video for his latest single “Love Music”.

Hopefully, we can expect a new project from the rapper to drop soon.

Watch the visuals below:

The post NEW VIDEO: Lil Yachty – “Love Music” appeared first on Fresh: Hip-Hop & R&B.

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Nas to Release New Album ‘King’s Disease 2’ Next Week



There had been rumors that Nas was working on new music and will announce something very soon.

Today, we have the official news: the legendary rapper will release his new album King’s Disease 2 on August 6th, reports NME. It will serve as the follow up to the Hit-Boy produced original that released last year and won Best Rap Album at the 2021 GRAMMYs, Nas’ first ever trophy at the awards.

The artwork has also been unveiled which you can see below. There is no word yet on whether Hit-Boy is also handling production this time around but we’re pretty excited regardless.

Last week, an unreleased Nas song surfaced where he was dissing Tupac. Last month, he celebrated 25 years of his classic album It Was Written by releasing a deluxe edition featuring unreleased songs. The rapper also recently remade his 1993 track ‘Life Is Like A Dice Game’ with help from Cordae and Freddie Gibbs.

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The Weeknd Is Honored With The Quincy Jones Humanitarian Award!!!



The Weeknd will receive the Quincy Jones Humanitarian Award. The 31-year-old singer, actor, and filmmaker has done a lot of good with his fame.

The Weeknd Receiving Honor For His Contributions To Social Justice, Change and Equity Within The Past Year

Being able to sing is one thing. But being able to use your voice for good shows the true character of a person. In September, The Weeknd is set to be awarded a great honor.

Hosted by the Black Music Action Coalition, The Weeknd is to be honored with the Quincy Jones Humanitarian Award at the first annual Music in Action Awards.

According to Variety, causes that The Weeknd has donated several million dollars to include –

  • Black Lives Matter Global Network
  • The Colin Kaepernick Know Your Rights Camp Legal Defense Initiative
  • MusiCares Covid-19 Relief Fund

But this rapper is no stranger to his humanitarian efforts. The Canadian-born rapper has a long history of helping others. Additional efforts include a long list of accomplishments, like donations to –

  •  University of Toronto
  • St. Mary Ethiopian Orthodox Tawahedo Church in Toronto Canada
  • Children’s Hospital in Atlanta (with Ryan Seacrest’ Foundation)
  • A Maternity and Children’s Medical Center in Uganda
  • The Equal Justice Initiative and more

Speaking on the music industry’s humanitarian contributions, Binta Niambi Brown (BMAC Co-Chairperson) stated –

“BMAC promised to work with the music industry to advance racial equity, and are proud to have done everything we said we would do. Now, while we celebrate the achievements of our industry, we also look forward to continued work with every company in our industry to eliminate all forms of systemic and structural racism. We welcome conversations with all who share our commitment to justice and equality and are enthusiastic about the change we will create together.”

One Hotel in West Hollywood will be the venue where the award will be issued on September 23rd.

Congratulations to The Weeknd, great job!

the weeknd

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