Deivone M Tanksley Sr Releases New Song ‘Who Runs This State’

Deivone M Tanksley Sr Releases New Song 'Who Runs This State'

Deivone M Tanksley Sr. aka DMTS is a business owner, author, community leader and artist with a story to inspire others. His main goal is to create a new and positive path for the next generation of youth, while educating them with unique storytelling through his music. His message is unity, ownership and creating generational wealth. From the struggle to the rise of success.

“Who Runs This State” is a song that highlights a few powerful topics. After 12 years and 6 felonies Deivone received a full pardon. He touches on mass incarceration, prison reform & how we lose our young kids to the streets.

This song speaks on the lack of ownership and control in music, entertainment & business world of African Americans. It speaks about the importance of generational wealth and things we should do as a people to change that. It also calls out politicians to step up and fund more programs and provide opportunities for the youth to keep them off the streets and show them a new way of living.

Take a listen below and share your thoughts.

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