There’s very little weight to the threat of a rap retirement. After Nav followed Uzi’s suit in early 2019, it seemed that people were throwing out that statement for the simple sake of gaining some buzz. Logic announced his retirement earlier this year, though it feels like he’s bound to make a comeback at some point in the future.

DaBaby, even with all of the success he’s witnessed in recent times, is the latest rapper to tease the idea of retiring. In a recent interview with XXL, the Kirk rapper reflected on all of his accomplishments in the past few years including his Grammy nomination. “Being on XXL Freshman cover last year. Having a solo cover this year, like, that shit major. I come from shit and I ain’t from nothing and I put this shit together like this was me. I put that shit together. I made moves, you know what I’m saying? I kept it going when muthaf*ckas wanted me to just sit back and settle. I was like, “F*ck that. I’m doing it like this,” he said.

But then, he was asked about his future plans. Now, Baby’s proven to be an extraordinary hit-maker and quite the business-savvy entrepreneur. But it seems even he understands that this feeling of being one of the hottest rappers in the game won’t last forever. So, he’s already eying his retirement in the next few years.

“Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment in five years is definitely gonna be one of the hottest labels in the game. I’ma be retired in five years. I won’t be rapping. I’ll be creating other superstars,” he added. Peep the interview below.