In a new interview with Rob Markman for Genius, Logic touches on how he feels about Charlamagne Tha God after having some past disagreements on The Breakfast Club. You may recall some of their tense moments in the past, including when Charlamagne asked the rapper about his sister’s rape and about false headlines claiming that he was homophobic. 

“That fucked me up and I actually held onto that for six years,” said Logic about his interaction with Charlamagne. 

Of course, that elicited a response from the man himself, who explains how he sees the situation.

“He was being disingenuous in that interview with Rob Markman. He knows I did not randomly ask him who raped his sister. Context matters,” says the radio host about a viral clip going around. “As you just heard in that interview, he mentioned his sister being raped twice. OK? That’s why you got to listen to the whole exchange with Logic in full. But you know, on the internet someone edited it and it starts out with me saying ‘who raped your sister?’ And they’ve been passing that clip around for years. I don’t expect these digital d-heads to be smart, but I expect Logic to be smart because he was actually sitting there.”

Do you think Charlamagne was still wrong to ask Logic about his sister’s rape, even though it was brought up organically in his music?