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Casey Goodson’s homicide by police sparks large protest in Columbus, Ohio



Time to take it to the streets.


Source: STEPHEN ZENNER / Getty

Casey Goodson Jr. was killed unjustly by the police and he has yet to receive any semblance of justice.

According to The Hill, hundreds of angry and frustrated citizens filled the streets of Columbus, Ohio to protest the police on behalf of Casey and his grieving family. The crowd reported took up several blocks of the city’s center as calls for reform and true justice were shouted as loudly as humanly possible.

Here’s the part that is confounding, to say the least, The Hill reports that Casey’s death has already been ruled a homicide by the Franklin County Coroner’s office as the gunshot wounds that killed him all entered through his back and exited from his torso.

“Based on findings from the autopsy and medical death investigation, manner of death is homicide. Cause of death, at this time is preliminary; we are awaiting medical records as well as the toxicology report. However, based on the current findings, cause of death is multiple gunshot wounds to the torso,” the office said in the report.

Despite this factual piece of evidence, the local sheriff’s deputy who killed Casey, Jason Meade, has not been arrested nor charged. This case is set to be reviewed by the Franklin County Prosecutor and sent to a grand jury. We’ve seen numerous times that grand juries can be a crock of s#!t. Most recently, in the case of Breonna Taylor’s killing, D.A. Daniel Cameron made a mockery of her death and opted to shield the police department from accountability.

If Ohio wants peace in the streets, they better handle this case 180º better than bum a$$ Daniel Cameron did.

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NEW VIDEO: Kehlani – “Altar”



Kehlani Altar videoKehlani has dropped off her brand new single called “Altar”. It comes with an accompanying video.

This song will appear on her next studio album Blue Water Road, which will hit stores this Winter.

Listen and watch below:

The post NEW VIDEO: Kehlani – “Altar” appeared first on Fresh: Hip-Hop & R&B.

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Get A Sneak Peek At The Finale Of “We Got Love Teyana & Iman”



We Got Love Teyana & Iman key art

Source: Courtesy NBC Universal / NBC Universal

It seems like the season flew by so fast for “We Got Love Teyana & Iman” but the finale episode airs tonight and we couldn’t be more excited to share some sneak peek clips for your viewing pleasure.

The first clip gives an exclusive behind the scenes look at Teyana’s day on set with Maxim shooting her “Sexiest Woman Alive” cover. The cover was shot by Gilles Bensimon, who makes an appearance. Anyone who follows fashion or has watched a season of “America’s Next Top Model” understands how monumental that is. What’s even more monumental though is that Teyana made history with this particular magazine shoot by becoming the first African-American woman to grace the cover of Maxim. Wild right?

Now what the clip didn’t show was when Teyana and Iman’s adorable daughter Junie tried to steal the show. Fortunately Teyana posted it on her page.

Check out more clips from the finale when you continue.

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Watch Beyonce and Jay Z Elude Love In “Moon River” Visual!!!



Beyonce and Jay Z in the new music video “Moon River”. As the spokespeople for Tiffany & Co.’s About Love campaign, the Carters deliver.

Beyonce and Jay Z Send Visions Of Love In New Cover For Breakfast At Tiffany’s classic “Moon River”

Watch as Beyonce and Jay Z show their love via a new music video, “Blue River”.

Beyonce covers the song made famous in 1946 by Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.

When the campaign first dropped in August, a photo spread depicted the powerhouse couple standing in front of the rarely seen artwork of Jean-Michel Baquiat.

The painting, titled Equals Pi, was the backdrop of Jay and Bey as she wore the massive 128-carat yellow Tiffany diamond.

Adding another element to the “About Love” campaign, the Carters also celebrated a bit of history.

As Bey became the first black woman to wear the iconic diamond.

The song in the video, “Blue River” is sung by the superstar as her husband, Hip Hop mogul, Jay Z looks at home videos of her as he waits for her return.

Set in times of old, you see Jay Z pecking away on a typewriter, and later an antique movie camera.

Looking every bit in love, the two deliver on the message that Tiffany’s is trying to portray…love.

Tiffany describes Beyonce and Jay Z as –

“an iconic couple…two of today’s most respected creative forces.”

As expressed by The Carters –

“Love is the diamond that the jewelry and art decorate.”

Beyonce and Jay Z are the perfect match for the Tiffany & Co. campaign.

Check out the video for yourself below by clicking on the photo.

beyonce and jay z

Hip Hop News Uncensored. It’s the best YouTube channel for Hip Hop.

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