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Brent Faiyaz Drops Sneaky Three-Pack Project ‘Do Not Listen’



Robyn Mowatt

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Brent Faiyaz Circles Video

Photo Credit: YouTube

Faiyaz unveils a surprise three-track EP and a new music video for a single titled “Circles.”

Brent Faiyaz has unleashed a surprise three-pack EP titled Do Not Listen featuring his signature melancholic sound. 

Alongside this random release, he dropped a visual for one track, “Circles” featuring New York City band Purr. There’s something somber in the air of “Circles,” throughout the clip he’s alone sitting with his thoughts. The camera also pans dramatically in circles which aligns well with the single’s title. Instead of his regular straight backs, Faiyaz appears with his hair in an afro. There’s something splendid about this surprise video, it’s somber, it’s vivid and it also provides yet another glimpse into the complexities that make up the artist’s mind.

Over on “Price of Fame” and “Paper Soldier” featuring Joony, Faiyaz reflects on past feelings and vivid realizations. Both of these tracks are typical for Brent, but there’s also a je ne sais quoi that we can’t quite call. In total, the three-pack is a sublime compilation from the artist. His vocals are excellent.

Most recently, Faiyaz released a cut with Tyler, the Creator: “Gravity.” We’re hoping all of this new music from the secretive singer points to a forthcoming album. That’s only right since we’ve been patiently waiting since he dropped his well-received album Fuck The World. We don’t really keep tabs on streaming numbers here, but humbly the release has acquired over 500 million streams since it went out into the world. Staples on the album included “Rehab (Winter In Paris),” “Fuck The World,” and “Clouded.”

Prior to the previously mentioned drops, he unveiled Lost in 2018 and Sonder Son in 2017 two full-length projects. Both of them were met with warm regards from fans and music insiders alike. Here’s to hoping something bigger is on the way. Last thing, Faiyaz credited those who helped him bring his latest releases to life via Twitter (we love an artist who doesn’t hide his collaborators).

Watch the “Circles” video below.

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Jay-Z Is Suing Dame Dash. These former friends have real issues.



Jay-Z Is Suing Dame Dash. These former friends have real issues.  And, unfortunately, this news may make things worst.

Jay is suing over Roc- A- Fella NFT

You would think by now Jay and Dame would have buried the hatch, so to speak. But that does not seem possible.

According to Entertainment News Jay’s “Reasonable Doubt” may be sold at auction by Dame. However, it appears Dame may not have the right to sell the NFT.

Because Jay’s attorney disputes any ownership rights by Dame. The NFT was scheduled to be sold at auction on June 23 but it was canceled.

So, now the rumor is Dame is frantically trying to find another auction to sell it. Of course, that is the account from Jay’s attorney.

On the other hand, Dame responded with this:

According to TMZ’s new report, Dash said that in March Jay-Z tried to buy his one-third share of Roc-A-Fella at “a price I deemed unacceptable.” Dash is now looking for a new buyer, according to TMZ. Dash told the outlet: “Under the terms of the deal with a potential buyer, the buyer would buy my share of Roc a Fella Records and Jay-Z will have exclusive administration rights.”

It appears to be a discrepancy in who owns what. When these sorts of things happen the court usually decides. This is why attorneys are now involved.

Here is a major reason why Jay and Dame parted ways

Roc-A-Fella Records were formed because Jay and Dame were having difficulty with someone signing artists. In 1995 the young men decided to create their own label.

In an article by  Robert Blair on Hot New Hip Hop he talked about the issues that led to the demise of the label.

Both men had differences in their approach to business. Also, both men didn’t have the same vision for the label. In addition, there was contention among the artist, as well.

dame dash

Check out the video above for more details.

For more Hip Hop Entertainment News check us out at Hip Hop News Uncensored. It’s the best Hip Hop YouTube channel.

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Queen Of Vibe&B Alex Isley Is Soul-Soothing Self-Care In Music Form



Queen of Vibe&B

When she’s not touching the sky with heavenly vocals, Queen of Vibe&B Alex Isley is making you feel like the best possible you as one of music’s most intriguing Indie gems.

Whether it’s elevating energy, backspacing toxic texts or inspiring you to drink more water, Alex is the vibe of all vibes who floats on her very own cloud on soul-soothing EP “Wilton.”

Since her stunning debut “The Love / Art Memoirs” in 2012, the enigmatic singer/songwriter has thrived under the radar with a golden catalog and loyal fanbase.

Born and raised in the presence of music royalty, the daughter of legendary guitarist Ernie Isley was drawn to performing at an early age.

From performances in the living room to elementary school talent shows, she developed a passion that would lead to a career as a musician.

At 12, she began classical vocal training and would later attend the LA County High School for the Arts where she discovered her love for Jazz music.

Inspired by Jazz greats like Ella Fitzgerald and Kurt Elling, she incorporated the timeless sound into her performances as a Jazz Studies major at UCLA before eventually releasing her self-written and produced debut EP.

“Right when I was graduating from UCLA in 2009, it seemed like the music industry had a pretty dramatic shift, mostly in part to new technology and the rise of DIY and already having a buzz in order to get attention from labels,” she said in an interview with VoyageLa.

I remember feeling discouraged at times because of that, but I also remember that my love for creating and performing is what fueled me to not give up. That’s what always drives me. I really love this, and I’m reminded of that in tougher moments.”

Featured on the block party episode of HBO’s “Insecure” and STARZ’s “Run The World” opening theme, the emerging phenom continues to inch closer to mainstream stardom with good vibes only.

Stream her latest single “Good & Plenty” here and watch her essential Tiny Desk concert here.

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Illnes – “Deja Vu” | UndergroundHipHopBlog



Rising Santa Ana, CA based underground Hip Hop artist Illness is back, releases his new single “Deja Vu“, off his upcoming album “Straight Outta Quarantine” dropping July 1st 2021. Make sure to follow him on Instagram @illnesinfection.


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