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When you are shopping for a body kit there are a lot of brands and manufacturers to choose from. How should you decide what brand body kit to purchase? Well there are a lot of factors to consider first. What style body kit are you looking for, how much you want to invest, and what materials you want your kit to be manufactured out of.

There are different styles that you have to choose from in the body kit market. You could find a race inspired body kit that will be lower to the ground with more aerodynamics in mind. Some of these body kits will include the bumpers and side skirts. Other will even have wider fender replacements as well. These are called wide body kits. These race inspired body kits are a little flashier and sometimes have built in diffusers and canards used to create down force and control the air movement under the car. You can also find more luxury body kits designed to upgrade the appearance of your stock ride. They are simpler designs with mesh grills and clean lines. The Extreme Dimensions couture executive is a prime example.

What you plan to spend can narrow down your searches quite a bit. If you only have a few hundred dollars to spend you could focus on just bumper replacement to give you the most for your money. Full body kits can range from around $500 and then go up from there. Your material will have a great effect on your choices too. Fiberglass will be the cheapest. You can find fiberglass body kits from top brands like AIT Racing, Buddy Club, VIS Racing, and Mimo USA. Urethane is more expensive but can hold up better. Wings West is among one of the best in urethane body kits. Carbon Fiber is a material that is very light in weight and by replacing various body components with carbon fiber can help you increase speed times. Seibon, VIS Racing, and Carbon Creations are the top brands in carbon fiber body kits and accessories.

No matter which of these brands you choose listed above, you will be sure that you have a top quality body kit with a creative design. Bring your ride to the next level with a top brands such as these.

o Extreme Dimensions

o Vis Racing

o Wings West

o Ait Racing

o Buddy Club

o Mimo USA

o Seibon

o Carbon Creations

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