BlocBoy JB & Tay Keith Reunite On “No Chorus Pt. 12”

Though the hype behind BlocBoy JB has died down significantly since “Look Alive,” he’s continued to drop a steady amount of music through loose singles. Typically, the tracks are direct uploads to YouTube with little to none of them actually making their way onto streaming platforms. Despite what Spotify or Apple Music tells you, BlocBoy’s catalog is extensive.

Today, the rapper returned with a brand new banger alongside Tay Keith titled, “No Chorus Pt. 12.” Tay Keith whips up a bass-heavy, minimalistic instrumental for BlocBoy JB who appropriately yells “fuck 12” repetitively 30 seconds into the track. The pair don’t necessarily deliver the same type of hit-making magic as they did in 2018 but it’s certainly one of the tighter efforts from BlocBoy in recent times.

Check out “No Chorus Pt. 12” below.

Quotable Lyrics
Can’t let today be my die day
Hop off the porch with the Glock like it’s Friday
Naw I ain’t Craig, I walk around this bitch like I’m Debo
I’ma put the gun to his head, make him get low
They gas a n***a up at the Citgo
A n***a got the UPS ’cause the truck we got is a rental

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