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BJJ Beats second playlist for June features some hip hop tunes I have added to my playlist. This playlist is a re-upload from yesterday due to an automated copyright block on one of the tracks.

Track list:-

1. The Doppelgangaz- B.C.M.R.F.O (U.S.A)
2. Scribe Dreaming (New Zealand)
3. Kankick – Say (U.S.A)
4. Johnny Rakete – Ab und zu (Nugat Remix) (Germany)
5. Fliptrix – See the Sun (U.K)
6. Asheru – Mood Swing (Feat. Talib Kweli) (U.S.A)
7. J-Love – Get Lifted (feat. Action Bronson, TAKE-IT, Killa Sha, PRINCE UG & Prince Original) (U.S.A)
8 .Villain Park – Brain Cells (U.S.A)
9. Ingles – Tempos de Desertos (Brasil)

(Timestamp will be added shortly)

Have a good week, train hard & enjoy the music!!

Image Credit:-

#grappling #bjj #jiujitsu #bjjbeats

Credit is given to the artists and as a disclaimer we do not own the rights to the music in this playlist. If you are one of the above artists and would like your track removed, please contact me and I will remove.


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Video: Tink “Heat Of The Moment”



The heat is on.

Hot off the release of her Heat Of The Moment album, Tink turns up the heat in the video for its title track.

Directed by Daniel CZ, the sexy visual centers Tink seizing the moment in an elegant architect set. She basks under the sun in a bathing suit and shifts into various wardrobes including a feathered top, and a see-through leotard.

Source link

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Best Boxing Music Mix 👊 | Workout Motivation Music 2018 | HipHop | #11



Best Boxing Music Mix 👊 | Workout Motivation Music 2018 | HipHop | #11

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♫ Tracklist ♫
►0:00 2Pac – Legendary (Remix)
►5:10 Eminem – Champion (Remix)
►8:20 NEFFEX – Greatest |
►11:43 2Pac – Fight Till The End (Remix)
►17:12 Eminem & 2Pac & Mike Shinoda – Inside Of Me (Remix)
►21:21 Eminem & 2Pac – Death ft. 2Pac (Remix)
►24:10 50 Cent – Keep On (Remix)
►27:52 Tay Da G – Hard
►30:12 Our Boy Drew & The Hustle Standard – R.E.D
►33:40 50 Cent – Shooting (Remix)
There is no copyright infringement intended for the song or picture. If you have an issue with me posting this song or picture please contact me through my social network or Youtube  private messaging system. Once I received your message I will delete the video immediately
By MW MusicBox


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Sexy Lofi Groove Guitar Backing Track – A Minor



INTRO SOLO TAB → Groove guitar backing track for y’all! Play-along 0:29
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Use good old A minor pentatonic scale to get started jamming on this progression! Lock into that groove and get it ALL out – this guitar jam track is here for you guys to have fun!!!

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Tempo = 80 BPM

Chord progressions:

A section:

II: Am I Am Dm I Am I Am I
I Dm I Dm C I Am I Am I
I Fmaj7 I Fmaj7 G I Am I Am (E7#9) :II

B section:

II: C D I Am :II

You will hear some extended versions of these chords…

Knowing the main arpeggios will come in handy:

Am – A C E
Dm – D F A
Fmaj7 – F A C E
E7(#9) – E G# B D (G)

C – C E G
D – D F# A

Suggested scales:

A Minor Pentatonic – A C D E G

A Minor Blues Scale – A C D D# E G

A Minor Scale – A B C D E F G (A sections)

A Dorian Mode – A B C D E F# G (B sections)

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Guitar recorded with the Axe FX2 XL+ by Fractal Audio


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