The President has millions of supporters, but for those who stand behind Donald Trump, the backlash can be swift. In less than one month, Americans will learn who will take the title of the 46th President of the United States, and as citizens are currently casting their votes nationwide, celebrities are using their platforms to not only encourage their followers to exercise their rights but to also share their opinions about political leaders. Asian Doll, also known as Asian Da Brat, vocalized her thoughts about Trump in a video clip that circulated online and people didn’t appreciate her stance.

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Robin L Marshall / Stringer / Getty Images

“I f*ck with the n*gga Trump because the n*gga giving out a lot of money right now,” said the rapper. “I get my money in different ways, so I be around a lot of people who get they money in different ways too and they is up.” After tweeting that she would rather Trump be president, the public didn’t hesitate to vocalize their opposition.

In another message that Asian Doll later deleted, she wrote, “If you rock with me & I offended you I’m sorry I only care if I hurt people who genuine love me fr [100] I was having a high conversation & tweeted bout it VOTE FOR WHO YOU WANT EVERY VOTE COUNTS.” Asian Doll added, “F*ck both of them at the end of the day but Shid we got 2 choices I was just saying cause it’s time to vote…..DAM.” Check out the messages below.