Andrew Yang Got MC Jin To Make A Hip-Hop Anthem For His Mayoral Run

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Andrew Yang Got MC Jin To Make A Hip-Hop Anthem For His Mayoral Run

Photo Credit: Screenshot via Twitter

In the PSA, MC Jin is a mixtape hustler advocating for Andrew Yang for New York City mayor.

Andrew Yang now has his own hip-hop anthem. The New York City mayoral candidate took to social media on Thursday to share his “Yang For NY” anthem made by MC Jin. The song is also paired with a video of Jin portraying a mixtape hustler as he tries to sell CDs of the track, with scenes of him rapping across the city mixed in with scenes of Yang meeting New Yorkers.

“An anthem for you, our movement,” Yang wrote in a caption alongside the video on Instagram.

Jin also shared the video on his Instagram.

Prior to the release of the track, the two came together for an interview on Yang’s Yang Speaks podcast, where Jin spoke about being the first solo Asian American rapper to be signed to a major record label in the United States, and more.

Yang is running on a universal basic income pilot program (something he also touted during his run for president), with the mayoral candidate stating on his website: “This basic income program will start with providing those who are living in extreme poverty with an average of $2,000 per year. This program can then be grown over time as it receives more funding from public and philanthropic organizations, with the vision of eventually ending poverty in New York City altogether.”

Yang is one of a handful of people running in this year’s mayoral election, including Maya Wiley (former counsel to Bill de Blasio), Raymond McGuire (formmer Citigroup executive), and Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams.

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