’Rap Sh!t’: Here’s The Music You Heard In Season 2, Episode 2

(WARNING: Spoilers for this week’s Rap Sh!t episode will be found below.)

The events in the second episode of Max’s Rap Sh!t season two, titled “Heavy Traffic,” are soundtracked by songs that help to accentuate the emotions behind each scene. You can find a list of them below and details about the scenes the records were heard in.

Hood Brat, A.Chic, TT The Artist, Raedio — “Call Me Daddy”

We hear this record during the opening scene of “Heavy Traffic” as Shawna, Mia, Reina Reign, Duke, and Francois film a TikTok on their tour bus. The group shows off the bus and their new tour lifestyle to their followers with the video.

Smino — “Settle Down” Feat. Cory Henry & Ravyn Lenae

Smino’s Luv 4 Rent record plays around the 3:03 mark as Shawna & Mia get ready for their first performance. The duo is dressed in aprons as they believe that they’ll be matching Reina Reign, but Duke informs them that Reina will not be on theme with them which frustrates both Shawna and Mia.

Nardo Wick — “G Nikes” Feat. Polo G

Nardo Wick’s track with Polo G is heard around the 4:42 mark as we check in with Lamont and his daughter Melissa. Due to an early release from her school, and the unavailability of Lamont’s grandmother and Mia’s mom, Lamont is forced to bring Melissa to the studio with him as he works with an artist.

Reina Reign — “Tongue (Remix)” Feat. Shawna & Mia

Around the 6:38 mark, this track plays as Shawna & Mia take the stage with Reina Reign to perform their remix of “Tongue.” Though the performance went well, it’s clear that Shawna & Mia aren’t on the same page during this performance. Shawna, frustrated by how she and Mia looked on stage, confronts Mia about their performance, but it doesn’t go too well.

Raedio & Lord AK — “Suicide Mission”

We hear this song around the 13:08 mark as Lord AK goes on stage to begin his performance. Shawna, impressed, is in the crowd watching the performance before she’s pulled away by Duke and Mia to go to Lord AK’s green room.

Future — “Like Me” Feat. 42 Dugg & Lil Baby

Future’s I Never Liked You song plays around the 17:13 mark as Duke finally gets into Lord AK’s green room where the party is live and active. Duke meets one of Lord AK’s closest associates, Gat, and offers him some party favors to enhance his party experience.

Ron Suno — “Door”

This track plays around the 18:42 mark as Duke finds Shawna & Mia in the party. She’s clearly under the influence after taking a bit of cocaine with Gat. Duke launches into an energetic rant about making money and finding opportunities that leaves Shawna and Mia very confused.

Dear Silas — “Smoke” Feat. Sauce Father

Around the 19:45 mark, the track can be heard as Mia joins the fun of the party to play a game of flip cup with a gentleman we later find out to be Courtney Lou, the artist that Lamont told Mia to look out for. Meanwhile, Shawna stumbles into a few awkward moments at the party including one where she’s told that she gives “Rapsody vibes… if she was a hoe.”

Peachcurls — “Ass Shaker”

Peachcurls’ track can be heard around the 22:19 mark as the party in Lord AK’s room is still going strong. Shawna tries to talk to Gat but he pays her no mind. He instead kicks off a game where the winner will get to go on Lord AK’s tour bus. This game does nothing but show Gat’s colorism, and when Shawna calls him out for it and flexes her rap knowledge, he rudely sprays her with champagne.

Baby Rose — “Fight Club” Feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow

Baby Rose’s Through And Through highlight plays around the 28:27 mark to close the episode as Shawna cleans herself after she is showered with champagne by Gat. She’s also frustrated by the disconnect between her and Mia, something that only gets worse when Mia lets the crew know that she’ll fly into the next city because she got an offer to spend some time with Cash.

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