Ghostface Killah Is “The Full Definition Of A Deadbeat,” His Son Claims


Ghostface Killah is a legend of the Wu-Tang Clan, but allegedly he has much more serious issues to address with his family that the public doesn’t see. Moreover, his son Infinite Coles took to Instagram on Wednesday (May 24) to call Ghost “the full definition of a deadbeat” and bring forth various claims. Not only has he apparently been unresponsive for over a decade, but Coles allegedly lived in a homeless shelter during COVID times for almost a year without his dad’s support. Also, he shared some alleged text messages between the two- or rather, a lot of unresponded texts and a single acknowledgement when Infinite wished him a happy Father’s Day.

“I haven’t had a full conversation with you or seen you in over 15 years!” Infinite Coles claimed of Ghostface Killah. “You haven’t once tried to reach out to me to see how I’m feeling or how I’m doing. I have messages that literally show me reaching out to you and receiving no response for over a DECADE! The legend that you all love, Ghostface Killah is the full definition of a deadbeat. Dad, you let us live without light, gas or even communication from you for years.

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Infinite Coles’ Public Message To Ghostface Killah

“I can’t even say you’re only a deadbeat dad to me because I’m gay, because you’re a deadbeat to all of your kids,” he continued. “What I’ve been seeking is the answer as to why? Is it because your father turned [his] back on you? WHYYYY do you LOVE everyone but your kids? It’s backwards, it’s ugly, it’s hurtful and it’s HUMILIATING.” This isn’t the first time that Infinite spoke on his relationship with Ghostface Killah. Furthermore, he told NME in 2021 that “he is a part of [him].”

Meanwhile, the Staten Island icon continues to make impressive contributions to the game, best exemplified by his verse on Kendrick Lamar’s latest album. However, it’s disheartening to see these allegations come to light, especially surrounding someone who’s gone through a lot of struggle and hardship as well. Hopefully this unfortunate public message results in healing from both sides, and they can find new peace with each other. For more news and the latest updates on Ghostface Killah, stay logged into HNHH.

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