Halle Berry has long been celebrated as one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood but she should have read the room before considering signing on to portray a transgender male in a new film. After stating her interest in the role, Berry earned backlash from fans who claimed that it would be irresponsible for the actress to move forward as an LGBTQIA+ ally following this decision, as an actual trans man should be cast in the spot.

Shortly after the negative comments started, Halle Berry dropped out of the role and apologized for considering it in the first place.

Halle Berry 50 Cent
Jesse Grant/Getty Images

While that story has ended in the right manner, 50 Cent is determined to voice his opinion on all things regarding pop culture, including film, television, and music. The producer has long yearned for Halle Berry’s love but, after this, he’s unsure if he can continue courting her affection. His reluctance isn’t because of his allyship towards the trans community. Oh no… unfortunately, it’s quite the opposite.

“You wanted to do what ? why?,” asked Fif on Instagram, sharing a headline that explains how Berry had dropped out of the acting job. “Oh my God, so if i still think your beautiful. I’m gay ass a MF.”

Nobody should be too surprised about Fiddy’s transphobic comments. After all, he has been going after his former crewmate Young Buck for a similar situation, coming after him for allegedly dating a transgender woman.