21 Savage clowns rapper YK Osiris on Instagram live for awful Gucci jacket

He might just be the funniest rapper living…

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21 Savage is a LOT more than meets the eye. If you haven’t gotten an invite to Clubhouse (or you’re one of those unfortunate people who have green text bubbles) then you likely haven’t witnessed his skills as a communicator and moderator. We’ve all heard his rapping ability and he is well-known for penning some of the most hilarious bars in modern-day hip-hop. That said, we had NO idea that he could also host a rebooted season of BET’s Comicview.

Last night on Instagram live Savage was chopping it up with his “lil bro” rapper YK Osiris. We’re not sure how their convo turned into hip-hop Fashion Police but 21 was clearly playing the role of Joan Rivers as he RELENTLESSLY roasted YK for his God-awful “Gucci” motorcycle jacket. We say “Gucci” because there is no way in hell that the legendary fashion house produced this product. Both 21 and YK make mention of someone named “Tee” (sp) who must have designed this gawdy garment.

Just look at the deluge of LMFAO emojis in the comments!

“You got a red lipstick jacket on with a Gucci purse cut up all over the s#!t bruh, like goddamn, bruh!”

Meanwhile, on YK’s Instagram page, Meek Mill, Mustard, Lil Yachty, Yella Beezy, and a bevy of other rap stars were going to TOWN on this flagrantly felonious fit.

Like Meek said, we all miss sometimes but DAMN! LMFAOOO! Are you feeling this get-up?

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