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10 Great Instagram Pages to Check Out if You’re a Crate Digger



Photo Credit: Andrew Ling on Unsplash

If you’re an aspiring crate digger or an experienced collector, here are ten of the best Instagram pages to follow.

From the very inception of hip-hop, back in the ’70s, records have been a key part of the culture’s lifeblood. A crate digger would scour record stores and dusty dollar bins or raid their parent’s basements as part of the tireless search for the perfect beat.

As rap music and sampling took over as a dominant force in the pop-cultural landscape in the ’80s and ’90s, record conventions, reissues, and compilations of hard-to-find records all began to emerge as part of an ancillary industry devoted to connecting collectors with the music that they wanted to buy.

Today, there is an Instagram for crate diggers. Sites like International Breaks and Re Up Recordz (Formerly Records From Japan) allow diggers to purchase rare records from around the world, while Cornell University’s Hip Hop Collection gives an insight into its archive of hip-hop artifacts, including some of the same records played at the early Bronx jams.

For both the aspiring record enthusiast and experienced collectors alike, here are ten of the best Instagram pages for Crate Diggers.

Breakbeat Lou (Creator Of Ultimate Breaks And Beats)

Working alongside his partner, Lenny Roberts (aka Breakbeat Lenny), Lou Flores (Breakbeat Lou), created the highly influential Ultimate Breaks & Beats series in 1986. By compiling classic breaks that were played at the early Bronx jams, UBB introduced a generation of DJs and producers to foundational breaks like “Synthetic Substitution,”  Bo Diddly’s “Hit Or Miss,” The Galactic Force Space Band’s “Space Dust,” and many more. Although Lenny passed years ago, Lou has carried on the UBB legacy faithfully. His IG page is full of gems and he routinely goes live, playing sets culled from his deep collection. 

DJ Muro

Known worldwide as “The King Of Diggin,” Japanese hip-hop pioneer DJ Muro’s King Of Diggin’, Diggin’ Ice, and Super Disco Breaks mixtape series’ have been rocking tape decks and educating listeners since the mid-’90s. His personal IG page is littered with gems from his own collection, showcasing why he has been one of the leading crate diggers on the scene for decades.

Fleamarket Funk

Established in 2007, DJ Prestige’s Fleamarket Funk brand is one of the most trusted names in the record digging community. In addition to a podcast, a documentary, and more, Fleamarket Funk’s IG page is a healthy resource for Prestige’s work and his amazing collection.

Daily Psych Vinyl

Along with funk, jazz, and soul music, psychedelic rock is a fertile genre for diggers searching for exciting sounds from the past. Daily Psych Vinyl explores the genre with great pictures of dope gems like J.K. & Co’s Suddenly One Summer, Brainticket, and The Electric Prunes.

DJ Shadow Collection

Since 1990, DJ’s Shadow has been putting in work and advancing the culture of production, DJing, and crate digging. The DJ Shadow Collection IG page pays tribute to this legacy by showcasing everything from rare promo cassettes, magazines, and, of course, records that tell the story of one of the culture’s most celebrated diggers.

Root Down Records

Named in tribute to jazz organist Jimmy Smith’s famous 1972 album, Osaka, Japan’s Root Down Records provides an eclectic selection for discerning collectors. With their slogan promising “Soul, Funk, Disco, Reggae, Hip Hop…and all good music,” Root Down’s IG features lovely pictures of the shop and it’s cache of new and used vinyl.

Library Gold

In the ’60s and ’70s, film, TV, and radio producers would utilize library music to use in their projects. Companies like KPM, Bruton, and Music DeWolfe would hire session musicians, composers, and arrangers to create unique themes. Recordings of these themes would then be paired with visual media. These library records have since become hot commodities in the digging community. The Library Gold IG page pays tribute to these records by highlighting their creative cover art and sound clips of the music.

Skeme Richards (Nostalgia King)

Philadelphia-based DJ and collector Skeme Richards is an internationally-renowned vinyl connoisseur. Known for rocking parties all across the United States, Europe, and Asia, Skeme is a walking library of funk, soul, disco, and beyond. His Instagram page, as well as his Nostalgia King site, is a great resource for a true crate digger.

BOMP! Records

Formed by writer Greg Shaw in 1974, BOMP! Records has been at the forefront of several movements in underground rock music, including punk, garage, and psych-rock revival. Operating a thriving mail-order record business for decades, BOMP! Is one of the top names in the game for underrated gems and lovingly packaged reissues.

Now Again (Egon/Now Again Records)


View this post on Instagram


Phil Ranelin’s jacket slicks for his landmark album ‘Vibes From The Tribe.’ 15 sets of the front and back prints. They measure 14.5” squared. They vary in condition: some have creases, nothing serious, and some have mild yellowing or slightly faded colors. Suitable for framing and certainly for admiring. . After all of the messages I saw yesterday and a call from Phil, I’ve decided to not wait to offer these via #Rappcats. I’ll offer them here, and all proceeds from the sale of these slicks will go directly to Phil. . I know many folks reading this have been giving to a variety of organizations that oppose systemic oppression and brutality here in America, and abroad. Well, Phil has spent his entire life fighting racism and preaching unity through spirit and music, especially in the crucial late 1960s through mid 1970s, when he and his compatriots in Detroit served with Tribe, a Black American-founded and funded label, magazine, educational resource and hub whose spokes spread out through America’s underground. . Phil has never given up the fight. This is a chance to give back to an elder who helped set the stage for the sweeping change we hope to see come, finally, in this country. As he wrote on the back cover of his album, ‘ Vibes From The Tribe’ is a searching and pleading call for unity, dedicated to Black children of the universe.’ . Here’s how this works: . Base offer is $250 for the pair, plus shipping. You can offer more. Just send me a DM. Highest offers get the cleanest of the slicks (though they all look pretty damn great). I’ll take offers in the order they come in. They will be mailed to you, rolled, in a sturdy poster mailer.

A post shared by Egon (@nowagain) on

 Musical omnivore, collector, and business partners with Madlib, Eothen Alapatt (aka Egon) has been educating collectors on rare and under-appreciated music for years. His IG offers a wealth of context, with anecdotes and biographical info on the musicians that made the music that we love. Traversing funk, soul, jazz, rock, hip-hop, and beyond, Egon is a digger’s digger, displaying the knowledge and passion that keeps the culture vital. A true crate digger will be pleased. 

John Morrison is a writer, DJ, and sample-flipper based in Philadelphia.

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Mr. Lif Joins Eternia & Rel McCoy for “The Story of Us” Feat. Eliki



Bound by their love for hip-hop and each other, Eternia and Mr. Lif share “The Story of Us” for the latest single off Eternia and Rel McCoy’s collab LP, FREE. The track boasts Rel’s warm production paired with gripping rhymes from Eternia and Lif who explore their lives leading up to the day they met. It’s a beautiful track made all the more stunning with Eliki’s haunting vocals.

The Story of Us” is available now through all major digital retailers and streaming platforms and can be purchased for instant-grat off the duo’s forthcoming collab LP, FREE, which is set to drop next Friday, Sept 24 via Fat Beats. In addition to Lif, the 12 track LP includes guest appearances by Shad, Wordsworth, SHEAL, Phoenix Pagliacci and more, and will be released on vinyl in limited quantities.

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“Dear White People’s” Logan Browning And John Patrick Amedori Talk Vol.4



Ruh-Roh! Are “Dear White People” sweeties Sam and Gabe hitting a bump in the road this season?

Dear White People Vol. 4 episodic still

Source: Lara Solanki / Netflix

BOSSIP’s Sr. Content Director Janeé Bolden spoke with “Dear White People” stars Logan Browning (Samantha White) and John Patrick Amedori (Gabe Mitchell) about Vol. 4 being a musical season and their reaction when they first found out. Needless to say, the actors were happy about the news.

“We’ve always talked about a musical episode and how fun it would be so when they decided to do a whole season what was I going to say, ‘No’? ” Amedori recalled to BOSSIP. “We were given the opportunity to be in a musical. Come on, let’s do it. ”

Dear White People Vol. 4 episodic still

Source: Lara Solanki / Netflix

When asked about his favorite song to perform this season he didn’t hesitate to answer with N’Sync’s hit breakup jam: “Bye, Bye Bye.”

“Absolutely ‘Bye, Bye, Bye’!’ Amedori’s co-star Logan Browning chimed in.

“That was also really good too because, Logan and I the way we work together, from the previous recording to the day of shooting we kind of choreographed, well our choreography within the fight, and let us do the scene as a real fight with how we felt, it just felt really good it kind of came together, that’s definitely a highlight for me,” Amedori told BOSSIP.

Dear White People Vol. 4 episodic still

Source: Patrick McElhenney / Netflix

For folks who aren’t fans of the show, Browning and Amedori both play film students/filmmakers and much of Vol. 4 revolves around their projects and what they decide to keep and leave out. We had to ask if there were things from the actual show that they were sad to see cut from previous seasons.

“I definitely have things that didn’t make it, but,” Browning paused before telling BOSSIP. ” No that would be a spoiler. There is something — there are things.”

“In general, at least I know joke-wise, I know that nobody was safe ever and I really enjoyed that aspect.” Amedori told BOSSIP. ” There was never a moment of ‘was that too much?’”

“I know, ” Logan interjected. “So we shot episode 8 of season two, part of one scene as a oner — where John Patrick and I and the camera operators were all moving in tandem, which we all thought was going to be one long cut. It ended up being cut up, which worked for the episode, but we were doing it so they wouldn’t have to cut but that’s very ambitious. That was one thing that was very hard to shoot.”

Sounds intense right? Well these two actors are very intense about their craft.

“We loved it!” Browning told BOSSIP.

“We couldn’t wait,” John Patrick Amedori added. “We spent an entire night going over it so by the time we brought the crew in to watch the rehearsal, we went full board we were 110% the entire time. We were ready to go. We were doing a performance.”

Dear White People Vol. 4 episodic still

Source: Courtesy Netflix / Netflix

The show is named “Dear White People” after Browning’s character Sam’s controversial radio show. In the final season, Sam continues to catch hell from other Black students for her interracial relationship with Gabe. As “Dear White People,” primary white character we wanted to know what Gabe learned in the show’s four seasons.

“He’s a guy who steps in it along the way,” Amedori told BOSSIP. “He steps in it in a relationship with a girl that he’s madly in love with, he messes it up and she forgives him. To know that he means well. That’s her nature. It’s a good balance for them being in the relationship because when he puts his foot in his mouth he’s essentially putting both of their feet in her mouth.”

Amedori’s unintentional play on words draws laughter both from BOSSIP and Browning, who responds, “That is very John Patrick. I don’t know what made me go back and look at an interview we did at the Paley Center and your answers to this question were so sus, I was like cracking up.”

“I have weird metaphors that start turning in my brain,” Amedori explained to BOSSIP. “They make sense to me and I just hope that they make sense. Which is kind of how I exist as a person.”

Amedori finished his thoughts by saying he didn’t think Gabe would be the person he ends up being (this season also includes a look at most of the key characters 20 years in the future) without having known Sam.

Watch the full interview below:

We’ve really enjoyed watching this relationship blossom over four seasons and can’t wait for the rest of the world to see how Vol. 4 plays out.

New episodes of “Dear White People” arrived on Netflix this Wednesday, September 22!

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NEW MUSIC: Ne-Yo – “What If”



Ne-Yo What IfNe-Yo has returned with a brand new single called “What If”.

No word on what forthcoming project this song will appear.

Listen below via Apple Music:

The post NEW MUSIC: Ne-Yo – “What If” appeared first on Fresh: Hip-Hop & R&B.

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